Website Design

“Web design” is a bit of an archaic term, dating back to the days when a single person handled all the design aspects of a website. By modern standards, the term “web designer” can be a bit vague; today, thanks to technology and our increased understanding of the craft, we have a rainbow of subdivisions. By today’s standards, the word “web designer” is a little nebulous; due to technological advancements and a better understanding of the craft, we now have a plethora of subcategories.

Web design subcategories include not only UI and UX, but also IA (information architecture, which deals with site mapping and navigation) and CRO (conversion rate optimization, which fine-tunes the site’s design to maximise purchases, signups, or other particular actions).

Web design, in general, refers to the appearance and functionality of a website. It’s an area that’s inextricably linked to graphic design on all levels, and it deals with the same visual communication design concepts.


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