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Striving towards creating a better and seamless experience for individuals in their time of need, and a streamlined experience for providers such as Hospitals, Banks, NBFCs and Insurance Companies.

In India, the HealthCare Industry has grown at a rapid pace. This rapid growth is attributed to an increase in awareness about personal health. As the requirement for HealthCare increases, the same has resulted in the demand for health insurance in the country. However, it remains an area that is mostly under-penetrated. Most healthcare expenses are still from the personal savings of patients or their families.

BimaXpress, we are committed to improving this by engaging with all the ecosystem players and bringing them together to give a delightful experience to the customers in their hour of need. We are doing so by ensuring that the customer has the best claims experience. Cashless Claims & Claim Reimbursement &also have access to emergency funds through banks and NBFCs. We do this by enabling the customer to engage directly with us or through our network hospitals, which they prefer.

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